Why encourage your child to pursue a career in manufacturing and engineering?

For most parents, helping your child choose the right career path for them can seem a daunting task. At MEGA, we’re here to help you and your child make informed decisions and ensure your child is on the right path to achieving their full potential.

Guiding your child into a career in this sector can help create greater certainty of employment, better working conditions (pay, benefits etc) and a more certain path of progression than many other industries.

Reasons for a young person to consider this career

  • Highly attractive salaries and conditions.
  • An unprecedented range of employment opportunities in Mid Ulster.
  • Excellent career progression opportunities.
  • The Manufacturing sector is forecast to grow so there will be lots of jobs in the future.
  • A wide range of pathways to access a career in Engineering currently available including fully funded Higher Level Apprenticeships.
  • A fast-paced and exciting environment which offers experience of a range of industries and markets.
  • A realistic opportunity for your son/daughter to put their skills and qualifications to use as part of a dynamic global industry.
  • Excellent career opportunities right here at home.