Delivering Excellence in the Workplace

NI has a strong manufacturing heritage and drives world-class innovation. Here in Mid Ulster there are hundreds of manufacturing and engineering companies producing world class products, including crushing and screening machines, recycling machines, airplane steps, airport buses, PPE equipment, award-winning blinds, trailers and much, much more. These companies contribute billions of pounds into the NI economy and are one of our region’s biggest exporters.

MEGA (Manufacturing & Engineering Growth & Advancement) was established to advance and grow world-class manufacturing and engineering by attracting, developing and retaining our people. Our mission is to promote the manufacturing and engineering sector as a source of high-value, long-term employment and to create transformational career opportunities that deliver skills for life.

MEGA is unique in that it is an industy-led network of 70+ companies working collaboratively to achieve overarching goals of using skills development for job creation, job retention and increasing exports. We work in collaboration with various stakeholders to transform careers by providing a breadth of innovative career paths and development opportunities for our young people.

MEGA is a collaborative growth programme that is supported by Invest NI, Mid Ulster District Council and The James Kane Foundation.


Help us grow our MEGA Membership.

We are seeking to engage with SME business owners and employees who can play an active role in tackling the challenges we face and support the delivery of our strategic objectives. Get involved today and help shape the future of our industry.


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