Mechanical Engineer

Modern technology is the key to advanced manufacturing as it allows industries to use this new and innovative computerisation to produce even better products more competitively. The role of a mechanical engineer is integral in this innovation, designing and producing machinery to help keep companies at the forefront of a globally competitive marketplace.

Job Description

A mechanical engineer designs and supervises the manufacture of a wide range of products and machines, from crushing machines to elevators. They create machinery which either produces (in the case of engines and turbines) or consumes energy (such a refrigerators and air conditioners).This advanced manufacturing job also includes research and testing, problem-solving, and prototype development. Mechanical engineers rely on computers to assist them in designing and testing the operation of a machine.

As with other advanced manufacturing careers, mechanical engineering allows employees to work in an ever-changing field, keeping pace with new products design and production using cutting-edge technology.

Stem Type

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Education Required: Education requirements are a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or completion of a Higher Level Apprenticeship

How to Prepare: Secondary school preparation should include maths and physical science for a mechanical engineering path.

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