Machine operators are a vital part of the production chain across the advanced manufacturing sector as without their expertise, the production process would literally grind to a halt. Machinists can operate either manual or computer aided machinery to produce a variety of outputs, from simple components to complicated end products.

Job Description

Following leaving school and on-the-job training, machinists are able to work to create metal parts, instruments, and tools using specialised and sometimes computer-controlled machine tools. In this advanced manufacturing career, machinists use blueprints and computer-aided design (CAD) to manufacture machine parts either in large quantities, or just one unique item. Specialised equipment such as lasers or water jets are sometimes used by machinists to cut these metal pieces.

As with other advanced manufacturing careers, working as machinists enables employees to work in an ever-changing field, keeping pace with new products design and production using cutting-edge technology.

Stem Type

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Education Required: Aspiring machinists can complete an apprenticeship or learn computer technology, CAD technology, and specialised machine operation in a vocational course at college.

How to Prepare: Maths courses, as well as technology and design, are important classes to take in school to prepare for this advanced manufacturing career.

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