Modern technology is the key to advanced manufacturing as it allows industries to use this new and innovative computerisation to produce even better products more competitively.

Job Description

This advanced manufacturing career involves creation of machine parts from blueprints and assembling the parts to create a finished product. Inspection of finished pieces is necessary to ensure the quality of the product. A fabricator is an important role in the manufacturing process which demands both knowledge of new technology and such skills as reading blueprints, fitting parts together, and connecting them.

As with other advanced manufacturing careers, fabrication allow employees to work in an ever-changing field, keeping pace with new products design and production using cutting-edge technology.

Stem Type

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Education Required: School leavers can enter this advanced manufacturing career, but experience and training may be required by some employers or in the case of advanced assembly, work experience in using robots.

How to Prepare: School students can prepare for this job by studying maths and computer technology, as well as physical education to ensure the strength needed to lift heavy components.

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