Computer Hardware Engineer

Modern technology is the key to advanced manufacturing, and computer hardware engineers form an integral part of this process of innovation. Computer hardware engineers are responsible for the research, design, development and testing of full computer systems and their components including processors, circuit boards and routers.

Job Description

Computer hardware engineers work in advanced manufacturing conducting research and development. Work also includes the design of hardware systems and parts, which must also be tested and put into production. A computer hardware engineer must also update older systems to work with new software, ensuring the production process can keep up to date with advancing technology.

As with other advanced manufacturing careers, computer hardware engineering allows employees to work in an ever-changing field, keeping pace with new products design and production using cutting-edge technology.

Stem Type

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Education Required: A bachelor’s degree or a Higher Level Apprenticeship in computer engineering, electrical engineering or computer science is required. Knowledge of computer programming may also be required because work with computer software systems is normally required in this job.

How to Prepare: Students preparing for this and other advanced manufacturing careers should study maths, science, and computer science.

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